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We speak to Japanese people in Shinjuku in English.

My life Japan (Cameraman)



  1. As you can see, many Japanese people don't speak English. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, though. In my opinion, a lot of interest part of Japanese culture came from the fact that not many Japanese people speak foreign languages.

    But it also means that if you want to make Japanese friends from Japan or possibly date a Japanese girl or guy, it'll be much, much better if you speak Japanese. So, if you want to learn Japanese with me, I can send you some free Japanese lessons by email. Click here to subscribe https://bit.ly/2Fk3gSp

  2. : Do you speak english?

    Japanese : Sorry i don't. Even a bit i can't.

  3. That was pretty cool. I had a similar experience interacting with people when I was in Tokyo last year. If your patient and know how to greet folks in Japanese they were very helpful even with the language barrier.

  4. I'll be there in japan, in just 3 months from now? my uncle want me to study in japan? but i hope that it's not gonna be easy for me to communicate with japanese people??

  5. Japanese think japan langauge is more prestigious than english, they are so proud with their language. Like french and chinese, they love their language. And its good for sure

  6. I always wanted to learn Japanese, just like them I'm embarrassed at my lvl of words that I know. Now there are translators that are not to bad, I probably will not learn to speak it but will just pick up some words. Also Where I live there are more Spanish and French. It probaly would help if I knew some one who did speak Japanese. I like some of the movies and more so to the craftsmanship that comes from Japan.

  7. But in India one who can speak English enjoys high esteem.But hardly any people speak it with correct pronunciation.However, I think,Indians are better in English grammar than the Britishers !!!


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