We head to Shibuya, Tokyo and ask foreign tourists if they think Japanese people actually speak english. Please like, comment and subscribe!

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Host: Ivy Chu (Odigo Media Sales Manager)

Produced by Tokyo Creative:

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  1. if you open your country to the world, learn English
    Japanese English is so bad, its like they dont give a shit about communicate with foreigner

  2. im from the us i am thinking fo traveling to tokyo, do people in tokyo speak english? or do i have to learn japanese

  3. I think japanese people are good at reading English but poor at writing, listening, and speaking in this way.
    so if you have a trouble in english conversation, please communicate with them in the written form.
    Maybe that makes sense.
    sorry for my poor English.

  4. Why they don't try to speak Nihongo??
    When in Rome, speak what Romans speak…

  5. their dumb and lazy for not wanting to speak english their not globalized enough i mean worldwide english is speaked so yeah they need to listen or whatever

  6. I was there in Nov. and most Japanese I meet can speak some English. Most restaurants have the menu in English too. Trains and buses have the announcement in both English and Japanese.

  7. Uses the guy from Italy in the thumbnail, but actually cuts him out from the video 😀 poor guy

  8. This video stinks! Experiment for real! Not just interview like 4 people…

  9. I recently vistied Osaka Japan. To my surprise I noticed a lot of people their especially working at shops and restuarants speak fluent Mandarin than English. Why is that?


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