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Bethina and Jeff venture the streets of Beijing to find the answer to the question: “Do people in China speak English?”

The answer may surprise you!



  1. They really don't need to speak it, and it's quite hard for they to learn, why they should??

  2. Go and ask in america..fools
    American can speak chinese?
    Lets see..answer is no!!

  3. Puri duniya mein har country ki main languagu unki country ki language hoti hai lekij hum indians ne pata nhi kyun hindi ko chodh kar english ko main bana liya hai english second honi chahiye 1 hindi

  4. Americans : do you speak English?
    Chinese : errrr no no wo bu qi dao
    Americans : what the fuck' can't even know a simple English??

  5. I was expecting them to find just one Chinese American there visiting family who grew up in American speaking perfect English…

  6. Canada teaches French from grade school to high school as well how many Ppl living in Ontario actually speaks French and French is an official language. The ending lines are just stupid and pointless

  7. Extremely awkward interview. It seems like the skills of the interviewers are pitifully undercharged. I know that you guys are trying to see how many people in Beijing speak English , but the way you are doing it makes it look like you are openly embarrassing them.

  8. you should not ask the question of "do you speak english“ and ”what's your favourite phrase“, this is too direct and is not possible for usual people to understand. You can ask where is Mcdonald, where is the bus station or where is the restroom.

  9. It's actually sad that such good people do not speak English very good.

  10. I've never seen anyone interviewing like this: "can you speak anything to me?" ridiculous xd

  11. Dutch speak Dutch, but they speak excellent English, so is Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

    Asian countries like Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, they're able to speak English well. (Those from the Capital city)
    Chinese speak Chinese, but didn't even speak English, even in their Capital, Beijing. WTF? they learned it at school for 9 years.

  12. don't ask if they can speak
    Just instantly interview in speak english
    When you ask in english way just wait if they answer in english or chinesse way
    -from Ph

  13. Try doing this in America and asking randoms if they speak Chinese IN CHINESE, like what the hell, not the proper way to do any type of interview.


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