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How to be really very nice indeed, just like the English! Learn the ins and outs of British behaviour, how to dress like a lady or a gentleman, and why the use of the correct fork really isn’t the be all and end all of good manners, despite what others would have you believe.

From the back cover:

This is not another etiquette book detailing the antiquated, excruciating, and frankly confusing minefield of rules lauded by traditionalists. Let’s face it, many of us will never need to know which side a snail fork should be placed at the dinner table, nor are we likely to ‘take tea’ with the Queen. Yet we could all do with a little help in perfecting our manners, self-confidence, and social graces for everyday living.

English Etiquette details everything the English know about why etiquette matters, in a modern, understandable, and unpretentious way – while teaching you how to cultivate a traditional and charming countenance to rival any royal.

Covering topics such as gallantry and grace, common decency, lifestyle choices, the quintessential English wardrobe, and behaviour in the home, you will learn how to shoehorn a little English gentility from this practical field guide into your daily life.

So pull your socks up ladies and gentlemen, pour yourself a cup of tea, and join The Darling Academy as we return to a culture of good manners, civility, and chivalry the world is longing for.

A proper, polite, and graceful way of living is making a comeback. Long may it prevail.


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