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English Grammar and Vocabulary
From Class V to X
Tick the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets below:-
i) Ans: My mother or father is coming to the play.
ii) Ans: Neither grey nor white is my favourite colour.
iii) Ans: Both are qualified for the job.
iv) Ans: Rana with his friend was present in the magic show.
Fill in the blanks with suitable adverbs using the help box. The type of the adverb you need to use is indicated in the brackets.
i) Ans: He left the room quickly.
ii) Ans: We have seldom seen John.
iii) Ans: Now I am going to her home.
iv) Ans: My grandfather’s house is nearby.
v) Ans: He plays the flute beautifully.
[Help Box: now, beautifully, nearby, quickly, seldom]
Do as directed:
i) Ans: A picture was drawn by Dipa.
ii) Ans: Samim is older than Nafis.
iii) Ans: He did the sum carefully.
iv) Ans: I have sung a song.
v) Ans: I boarded the water ship.
Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions and articles.
John Keats was an English poet. He lived only up to the age of 25 years. He died of tuberculosis.
Change the voice of the following sentences:
i) Ans: A picture is being drawn on the black board by the teacher.
ii) Ans: By whom was this said?
iii) Ans: You will be surprised at the result.
iv) Ans: The car can be driven by me.
Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech.
i) Ans: The Swallow told the Statue that he was staying with him.
ii) Ans: The man ordered him to go away.
iii) Ans: The old man prayed that God might bless the little girl.
Write the correct alternative to fill in each of the blanks:
Many years ago Pasteur discovered a way of keeping germs out of wine. He found that if wine is heated gently below the boiling point, germs which make wine sour are killed .
Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions:
Give me some time to read the chapter of the book.
Do as directed:
i) Ans: My father advised me not to neglect my studies.
ii) Ans: The essential books should immediately be bought by you.
iii) Ans: Japan is richer than many/most other countries in the world.
Phrasal verbs or group verbs:
i) The liquid is emitting/giving off a foul smell.
ii) The meeting was postponed/put off.
iii) Srinagar remains separated/cut off from the rest of the country because of heavy snowfall.
(put off, give off, cut off, break off)
Articles and prepositions:
Most people think that the cat is an unintelligent animal found of ease and caring little for anything but mice and meat.
Correct alternatives:
Although children love outdoor games, their parents consider their interest as harmful meaningless. A child who spends time and energy in outdoor activities grows up to be healthy and strong.
Do as directed:
i) Ans: The children could not go out to play because it was raining./ As it was raining, the children could not go out to play.
ii) Ans: A story book was given (to) me by my friend. / I was given a story book by my friend.
iii) Ans: The policeman asked the thief where he had kept the stolen goods.
iv) Ans: The weather being fine, the harbour is blue and calm.
v) Ans: Garbage which or that causes pollution may be used as a source of energy.
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