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Learn English grammar through this FUN video. Lots of great examples of collocations below. Practice using the examples from the video.


Today we are going to learn about collocations.

First I will explain what a collocation is.

A collocation is a combination of words that are always together.
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There are several different types of collocations. For this lesson we will only look at collocations that are very plus noun.
For example, “do … dishes.”

Can you think of an example?

Yes, I know one.
How about, “make … money.”

Yes, that’s a perfect example.

Here are some other very common examples:

Answer the door

strong … coffee

serve tea

do housework

order food

give a presentation

do homework

make the bed

answer the phone

choose an outfit

make a mistake

Practice making some sentences with the collocations that you just learned.



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