Learning a new language it’s not a child’s play, i agree with this term. Learning a new skill is arduous. However, In order to learn english and any skill we gotta work hard for sure, yet not being able to achieve that particular thing for which we have been longing for so long. It makes matter worse for us.

And many of us think it’s not my cup of tea. Maybe, if i didn’t get that thing. I have many options. I will try something new and, will get success in that.

Have you ever pondered about it why does it happen with us?

Since we have tendency for achieve that specific goal which was we set up in our mind. We don’t wanna go through the path of the journey we want destination.

I have heard from many a person who say ‘i want to be a fluent english speaker, i wanna be a millionaire’. But there are only small number of people say that i want to become a fluent english speaker, i want to become a business man. As they want to enjoy the process to be a fluent english speaker. 

Mindset plays an essential role in our life. 

At times, we probably think, most of the people learn english if i will learn it what will happen new? and i will be like them. This is our mindset we gotta change it then and there. 

You can be an agent of change. All you need to one more crack at it.

On the other hand, i have seen such people who want to learn it. And they have been working hard for it. They have become dishearten maybe they haven’t accomplished it so far. They have come on the verge of giving up. 

It shouldn’t be like that. I can understand when we wanna achieve something in our life and we aren’t able to do it for the time being, it doesn’t mean we never can’t achieve it.

Perhaps, we are trying hard in a way that is not convenient for us. We are rushing to achieve it as soon as possible. 

Initially, when i started learning english i wouldn’t lie with you i didn’t have to face so much struggle to learn it because of my interest. 

But when i tried something new i was gonna lose my mind because, i thought i have to do it at any cost, come what may i would do that. But i think i had forgotten that not everything you can’t accomplish swiftly. 

I was continuously doing that without taking a single pause and at the end of the day, i was about to give up. Then i kept on thinking why am i doing this in hurry? 

I accepted the fact that not everything i can do in no time. Why am i putting so much pressure on my mind. After that when i calmed myself down, and i started again i found so many easiest way to do the same thing which had become out of the question for me. 

And now Alhamdulillah i can do that effortlessly. 

As a matter of fact, we are serious about something but to large extent and we shouldn’t be like that. 

One should be productive and serious about their goals, notwithstanding we shouldn’t be over productive if we don’t feel like doing that for particular time. 

Firstly calm yourself down and stop hustling for a while, then think why don’t you getting results for your hard work.

Something is going wrong, try another way to do the same thing. Maybe it is not suitable for you, try to find out. And then you will see that so many other ways are there for you and they are easiest one. 

Don’t change your goal for some hard time. Try to figure out and fix the problem. 

Our frustration can lead us to give up. I am sharing this thing with you i have friend who started with me. She wants to be fluent in english and she said to me, you have become better than I in this language and i haven’t yet. I am working hard though. 

So i thought i should share something with those people who want to learn it (English), and for some whom their ultimate goal to fluent in it. So things could be easier if you make them easier than before. It’s time to unfold your mind. 

If you are learning english. For example if you are taking your english class and your teacher teaching you something that is you are not catching easily just duck it. Don’t coerce yourself to understand those things. Try to understand the same thing but with different method. Don’t push yourself too hard, it is not gonna worth it. 

If you are not fluent in your spoken english. Just let it be for a while, even i ain’t fluent in my spoken english yet, so what should i give up now? 

Not at all i am still working on it. I am smug that i can write and understand it. I embrace my small achievements, but never be stop with them. If i had given up at that moment, i couldn’t have written a single paragraph here. I wouldn’t have been here.

This is all about for those people who are trying hard for learning it. It could be someone’s need for their future, it could be someone’s passion.

If you and your friend started the same thing together and he or she has become better than you. Don’t you worry everyone has their own capability don’t lose heart. Just try to figure out the problem and solve it.

Don’t change your goal for just little hard time. Enjoy the process enjoy the journey. This was all for my english learner friends. 

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