English Lesson 2 – What's this? School English | LEARN ENGLISH FOR KIDS

English cartoon for native learning, animated book exercises, great songs and chants with ErNi English Kids Erick and Nikki. #ErNiKidsVideos #GogoLessonsList. Learn English for children, just watch the full lesson, do all activities. This lesson is about school English, it includes:
1. Gogo cartoon.
2. Student book, Unit 2.
3. Workbook, Unit 2.
4. Writing praxis DEF.
5. Coloring pages DEF.

Here you can find additional material with coloring pages.

Send Gogo your coloring pages DEF, and we will make a video out of it! Mail your work here: [email protected]
We recommend to watch one lesson per week and to repeat new phrases and words using this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgLwYGT0edBRW3eOLMj2kjgRX0vlQYika

Learn English for kids, singing songs, sing along. Play and learn with Gogo lessons. Edutainment is the way to learn fast. Native learning. Learn to speak English as a native child. Full English video course for children, all lessons are free. Just subscribe and learn English with Gogo. Full language course, better than a cartoon. Sing chants and rhymes in English with us, entertainment together with esl study. School English is boring but not with Gogo. Best for young students.
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