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Daily Video Vocabulary Episode 86 : Candid

Sometimes you are blunt and put your point forth very clearly without shying away.
The word candid basically means to be truthful and straightforward in your expression.
When you say something openly, you speak your thoughts without hiding anything, it means you are being candid.

You are honest and direct even though the truth may sound unpleasant.
It also means an informal photo which has been clicked naturally without formal posing.
The word candid is an adjective as it describes someone of being honest and outspoken.
The word candidly is an adverb as it describes the action of speaking honestly and the word candidness is a noun.

Example 01 : Samantha asked her friend, ” Do you like my new hairstyle? Be candid.”

Example 02 : On their first date, Richard was so shocked when Michelle spoke candidly about her past life.

Example 03 : The famous actress was very candid with the journalist during the interview and revealed many personal details of her life.

Example 04 : The doctor candidly told his patient that there was  no guarantee of his complete recovery after the lung transplant surgery.

Example 05 : The Human recourses department gave candid feedback to all their employees about their annual performance.

Example 06 : Julian is one of the most popular news reporters as he is very candid and doesn’t manipulate facts.

Example 07 : My friend often takes candid photos when I practice my for my dance competition.

Example 08 : Maria candidly told Michelle, ” I dislike your boyfriend, you deserve a better one!”
Example 09 : The board of directors called for an urgent meeting with their investors to have a candid discussion about the company’s  precarious financial position.

Example 10 : Samantha’s candidness always gets her into misunderstandings with her colleagues, as no one can put up with her outspoken nature.



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