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English Vocabulary

1. The rate of ___________ has been fluctuating wildly this week.

A. money
B. bills
C. coins
D. exchange

2. The bus ___________ arrives late during bad weather.

A. every week
B. later
C. yesterday
D. always

3. Do you ____________ where the nearest grocery store is?

A. know
B. no
C. now
D. not

4. Jerry Seinfeld, the popular American comedian, has his audiences ___________.

A. putting too many irons in the fire
B. keeping their noses out of someone’s business
C. rolling in the aisles
D. going to bat for someone

5. The chairperson will ____________ members to the subcommittee.

A. appoint
B. disappoint
C. appointment
D. disappointed

6. The critics had to admit that the ballet ______________ was superb.

A. procrastinate
B. performance
C. pathology
D. psychosomatic

7. Peter says he can’t ___________ our invitation to dinner tonight.

A. angel
B. across
C. accept
D. almost

8. We were __________ friends in that strange but magical country.

A. upon
B. among
C. toward
D. in addition to

9. The hurricane caused ____________ damage to the city.

A. extend
B. extended
C. extensive
D. extension

10. Many cultures have special ceremonies to celebrate a person’s _________ of passage into adulthood.

A. right
B. rite
C. writ
D. write

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