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English Speaking Practice ⚡️ Lockdown Challenge!

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Practice speaking English #withme !!! AMAZING opportunity to improve your pronunciation and natural speaking skills 🏅🏆💫⚡️PLUS… mmmEnglish Lockdown Speaking Challenge! Details below ⬇️

Your chance to win personalised feedback from Emma!!! Practice with the whole mmmEnglish community this week, improve your English pronunciation and expression, then upload your video to be featured on this channel!!

Step 1: Practice with this lesson 😲
Step 2: Record Yourself on Video! 🎥😲
Step3: Upload the video by Sunday 19th April. ⬆️ Make sure you use #mmmEnglishChallenge in the title of your video

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Competition Winners!
We will announce the winners in the mmmEnglish YouTube Community Tab, on the mmmEnglish Facebook page and we will tag winners in the comments below THEIR videos.

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  1. Wow!!this is the great way to improve pronunciation..Tnks emma

  2. You are a great teacher! With yr words heard in lockdown, our hearts are imbued with social values, respect, dedication and blown away by this cool lesson.

  3. Hey! ma'am ..I from India…..ur way speaking is very cool.. I'm impressed….just like u I also wanna speak ….when I'm I'm trying to speak my hands don't move ……and lastly be I want to say thank you so much ma'am 😊

  4. Hello, dear Emma! This project sounds so exciting! I participated in the first challenge. And I was and I am grateful for your personalised feedback.
    This time I am even more excited than the first time. Thank you a lot!

  5. i don't wanted to sound like native i wanna sound like my own… Emmma can you tell me is it possible to reach within 7 days Intermediate to Advance Level?? From Bangladesh 👈

  6. However, apart from all those advantages there will be many poor people, some estimates that number on 500 billions as a result of that lockdown…

  7. l started following your page long time ago….therefore l have been watching your videos ….thank you so much for this video

  8. Mam, we have acquired lots of knowledge from your classes. thanks,
    We love you!

  9. Thanks a lot Emma , this is my second time to practice this challenge. I will do my best to master it.

  10. i can understand every single word you said, ldk how! my english is not that good

  11. Emma, all your videos are wonderful. Thanks to them I have improved quite a lot my speaking and listening skills, so I am very grateful for you, please keep it up.
    Thanks for your hard work.
    I hope you are alright, you deserve all the best, honestly.
    Take care now
    Hugs from Spain 🙏💖

  12. Tnx for your lesson…here in india..the lockdown is going on last 3 weeks…it's very useful for mine

  13. Hi Emma !I'm Cambodia beautiful country and thank you your teaching videos

  14. fantastic teacher. i'm speaking&writting but i have proplem in understand what i can do?

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