English Speaking Practice – 7 | Best Tips to be Fluent in English | #PJTalks
Takeaways from the video
you learn present indefinite tense rules in detail
Hear a story on this tense only and practice it 3 times to become fluent
When to use the subject ‘There’
क्या के लिए ‘What’ कब Use करें
Add new words to your vocabulary
When to use the word ‘House’ and when ‘Home’
Speaker: CA Padma Jain
B.Com (Hons.) from Shri Ram College of Commerce
PJ Talks

Renowned faculty of Audit, Law, Management, Strategic Management, BCR, BCK and English
Teaching for more than 30 years now
Also, a personal counselor

Level 1 of English Speaking
This course covers full grammar, step by step. If you wish to become perfect at writing and Speaking in English, this course is for you.
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Level 2 of English Speaking Course
This course covers daily life situations and you learn daily use English sentences to be spoken in various real life situations. Join it and be confident

Level 3 Advanced English
You need to work on advanced grammar and vocabulary, this course is for you
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