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English Verb Tenses Guide – Learn About Simple, Perfect, and Continuous Tenses

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Are you confused about your simple, perfect and continuous tenses? Do you know how many verb tenses there are in English?

In this lesson, you can get a big picture understanding of English verb tenses. You’ll learn what connects English verb forms, which will make it easier for you to learn and understand verb tenses in English.

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1. Overview of English Verb Forms 0:35
2. Past, Present and Future Verb Forms 3:12
3. Simple Verb Forms 5:50
4. Continuous Verb Forms 7:35
5. Perfect Verb Forms 9:33
6. Perfect Continuous Verb Forms 12:39

This lesson will help you:

– Understand the main differences between the simple, continuous, and perfect tenses.
– Learn the correct verb forms in each tense.
– See the difference between the verb tense forms and their actual meanings.
– See simple verb forms in detail.
– Understand the different continuous verb forms.
– Detail the correct perfect verb forms.
– Learn about the perfect continuous tense and its verb forms.

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