Today i am happy, 

Are you super happy for you function?, 

Hey i have done my presentation successfully i am extremely happy because of that.

Happy, super happy, extremely happy. Doesn’t it sound bore to you, Does it? 

Keep on repeating same words over and over again. It makes your english monotonous, and you sound quite dull.

Using lots of intensifier with word doesn’t make you fluent.

To be sound fluent in english you had better use advance words to make your english vibrant.


English has wide variety of  words to express youself overmuch.


Native speakers have 10-20 thousands words to make a conversation. As they have more words, they sound fluent.

We can expand our vocabulary to use some advance word, rather than basic words. If you are on intermediate level you must replace your basic vocabulary to advance in order to reach advance level or fluent level.

Don’t be a word bore!


Here i am gonna tell you that how you can use advance words instead of basic.

For example- If you telling to your family about your achievement when we achieve something, sometimes we speechless, but sometimes we gotta express our happiness and then we frequently say i am very very happy. 

Using intensifier could express your feeling maybe. But doesn’t make you fluent. Don’t you think so? when we have some more advance words to express our happiness, sadness, anger then why do get stuck on basics?

Let’s learn some advance words to express your feelings and emotions in more expressive way. 

Every word has lot of advance synonyms, however i am gonna take only three of them of one particular word in such a way you won’t be perplexed.

The first word we have is;

1. Happy.

Synonyms- Euphoric, Elated, Walking on air.

Example 1- I am euphoric i have passed my exams.

Example 2- Yesterday i auditioned and guess what, i’ve selected, I am elated.

Example 3- Ever since i heard that he loves me too. I have been walking on the air.

2. Sad.

Synonyms- Melancholy, Depressed, Woeful.

Example 1- She felt a little melancholy.

Example 2- Since he has been living alone for so long, He has become depressed.

Example 3- i was feeling woeful as i lost my passport somewhere.

3. Angry.

Synonyms- Annoyed, Furious, Mad.

Example 1- I am getting annoyed could you please zip up your mouth for a while.

Example 2- Anne will hold you responsible for this bad presentation. She is gonna be furious.

Example 3- Hey don’t mad at me, i didn’t tell her anything.

4. Confused.

Synonyms- Perplexed, Puzzled, Baffled.

Example 1- I am perplexed whether should i go with him or not?

Example 2- When she asked me a weird question i was puzzled, why was she asking?

Example 3- At times, learning too many words in one go it is baffling for me.

5. Hungry.

Synonyms- Starving, Famished, Hungry like a wolf.

Example 1- Let’s grab a bite to eat i am starving.

Example 2- Please prepare some meal for me, After travelling for 3 hours i am famished.

Example- Girl, Can’t you hurry up a bit to serve food? I am hungry like a wolf.

6. Fear.

Synonyms- Fright, Terror, Creep out.

Example 1- The movie i watched last night, it was frightening.

Example 2- People fled in terror.

Example 3-  Cockroaches creep me out.

7. Embarrassed.

Synonyms- Ashamed, Uneasy, Awkward.

Example 1- You shouldn’t have scolded her like this. You must ashamed of yourself.

Example 2- It is quite uneasy for me to enter in his room.

Example 3- I had a awkward feeling when i was talking to his mother.

8. Tired.

Synonyms- Exhausted, Worn-out, Knackered.

Example 1- I had lots of work to do today, i am exhausted i am gonna crash out.

Example 2- She looks worn out.

Example 3- After hitting the gym i am knackered.

9. Sleepy.

Synonyms- Lethargic, Yawny, Heavy-eyed.

Example 1- I am feeling lethargic, i think i could be zonk out at any moment.

Example 2- You look tired and yawny.

Example 3- You are heavy-eyed you should take a power nap right away.

10. Bored.

Synonyms- Dull, Spiritless, Flat.

Example 1- The party was dull, I came early that’s why.

Example 2- I am spiritless today, Having no fun.

Example 3- I am feeling flat and gloomy.

So these are some feelings and emotions with advance words.

Use these advance words in your conversation to make ot vibrant.

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