Episode 2 – Learning English in Class

Episode 2 - Learning English in Class
Episode 2 Learning English in Class

Join Lim, Nazri, Peggy, Aisha, and Rajoo as they started learning English in the WDA Workplace English Programme. See how the trainer helped them in class, how they became more confident and how learning English can be fun and enjoyable!

This is part of a series of eight videos that features how five workers from different sectors struggled initially at their workplaces because of a lack of English skills, and how they performed better at their jobs after learning English.

This programme is part of the Employability Skills WSQ, developed by WDA.

Whether you want to improve your English reading, listening, speaking, writing or Mathematics skills, there are different courses to suit your needs.


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Learning English - 24/7 TV

Learning English – 24/7 TV

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