Episode 4: How to Speak English Word Chemistry | Learn English Pronunciation rules| The Skill Sets

Do want to improve your #Englishvocabulary for good English speaking style? Watch this video and learn some pronunciation of some new English words. Muhammad Akmal English coach is teaching you about how to speak English Word #Chemistry with correct pronunciation. Understand and learn English Pronunciation rules to improve your English spoken skills. The Skill Sets brings the best of the best for you learning and growth opportunities.

M. Akmal English coach has started how to pronounce English words session to teach you how to speak English Word correctly and confidently. Watch all episodes of this series and #learnEnglish Pronunciation rules with examples and exercises. It will also help you in understanding about how to speak English with low vocabulary and sentences. Make you English improved with Muhammad Akmal on the skill sets.

If you want to learn Spoken English rules on finger tips, then the skill sets can be your best partner. Here you can learn about how to speak English and how to write English with low English vocabulary. Muhammad Akmal is teaching you some specific commonly used English words from English vocabulary Dictionary. Do English Vocabulary Exercises to improve your English vocabulary.

Muhammad Akmal’s English spoken Tips are very much useful to learn English speaking and writing. Furthermore, if you want to learn English from basic to advance then go for the professional English learning Courses on the skill sets. Here we offer you our professional training to make English easy for you.

If you are looking for to improve your English writing skills, then you can order Basic English Grammar course and start learning. The Far Far English spoken Course by the skill sets is for those who want to improve their spoken skills. Here are the links for the courses:

Basic English Grammar Course: http://www.theskillsets.com/basic-english-grammar-videos-course
Far Far English Spoken Course: http://www.theskillsets.com/far-far-spoken-english-videos-course

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