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Can anxiety be a good thing? The psychiatrist Randolph Nesse suggests that anxiety is a result of natural selection. This is the principle of evolution whereby random changes in the biology of a living thing can make it more likely to survive in a particular environment. Rob and Neil discuss mental health and teach you related vocabulary.
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This week’s question
Charles Darwin is famous for describing evolution by natural selection. What was the name of the ship he travelled on when he made his discoveries? Was it:

a) HMS Beagle

b) HMS Badger

c) HMS Bear?

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

a feeling of worry and fear

natural selection
a principle of evolution when random changes in an organism’s biology may lead it to be more successful in its environment

to shape
to have an important impact on the way something develops

to cope with
to manage a difficult situation

possibly causing death

to go off (talking about an alarm)
starts making its warning noise


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