FAST ENGLISH—Everything You Need To Speak Fast English Like a Native Speaker

FAST ENGLISH—Everything You Need To Speak Fast English Like a Native Speaker

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You can learn how to speak English fast! I’ll show you how to speak English using reductions and contractions—they’re what make native English speakers sound the way they do.

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Reductions and contractions (and linking!) can really make you sound more fluid and natural. I’ll show you how to incorporate them into your conversations. If you’re working to learn English you know that in real spoken English, conversation moves fast. It can be hard for students to keep up and understand what’s going on. But you can do it, and I can help! I’ll show you some useful American English tips for speaking fast and I’ll make sure you’ve got the pronunciation just right by using on-screen IPA. We’ll make it fun to learn English speaking! Native speakers’ English is quite fast and I know that comprehension can be a challenge. That said, for most students like yourself, English conversation is the ultimate goal (i.e. not just “reading and writing” in English) and there’s no better way to improve your conversation skills than by speaking fast English, and using reductions and contractions. You’ll also start to hear them more easily and follow conversation with less effort after I teach you these quick tips. Let’s get you speaking English fast! It will be fun and I know you can do it!

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