Free Earth Day Printables for Students

Free Earth Day Printables for Students

Activity 1: Earth Day Vocabulary Worksheet

The first printable Earth Day activity I’m sharing was created by the fabulous Vocab Gal! In honor of our planet, have students in grades 1–12 draw their favorite landscape using vocabulary words.

To reinforce this idea, students will give brief explanations at the bottom of their worksheet for why they chose the words they did for each object. Sometimes this may be obvious, but by having to repeat the vocabulary word again and justify it in an explanation helps reinforce the meaning (and if it’s not quite right, they can explain their thinking explicitly, so we don’t have to guess).

Finally, there are a number of extension writing ideas you could pair with this activity. Students could write a poem about their landscape using vocabulary words or fill out a What’s Your Promise? handout (see below). Download the Earth Day Vocabulary Worksheet now.

Earth Day Writing Activities for Students earth-day-writing-activities-vocabulary-750px

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Activity 2: What’s Your Promise? Earth Day Writing

The second Earth Day printable I’m highlighting is for students in grades K–6. With this worksheet students will write down a promise they are willing to make on Earth Day to make the planet a better place. Once students have written down their commitments have them color their Earth Day worksheet! Download the What’s Your Promise? Earth Day Writing Activity now.

Earth Day Writing Activities for Students earth-day-writing-activities-whats-your-promise-750px

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Activity 3: An Earth Day Opinion Piece

The last free Earth Day printable I have available for download is for students grades 3–8. I love this exercise because it connects writing, research, classroom collaboration, and environmental concerns!

Using the Opinion Piece Outline Graphic Organizer, teachers will task students with writing an opinion piece on a topic that is of a concern to them or they want to learn about to celebrate Earth Day. The opinion piece topics can either stem from events in their community or issues on a more global scale. Possible topics include:

  • Recycling
  • Use of electricity
  • Litter
  • Pollution, air and water
  • Planting trees
  • Walking or riding a bike (vs. driving)
  • Turning off the TV
  • Conserve water
  • Plastic water bottles

Download the Opinion Piece Outline Graphic Organizer to assist students in their writing.

Earth Day Writing Activities for Students earth-day-writing-activities-environmental-opinion-piece-750px

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In Summary

Hopefully the free Earth Day printables above will help your students celebrate our amazing planet on April 22. These Earth Day writing activities may seem silly in comparison to the environmental concerns our planet is facing, but they can have a huge impact on our students.

With these Earth Day writing activities our students will reflect on the importance of taking care of the Earth and will hopefully be inspired to support environmental projects in their own community.

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