Everyone has this question in their mind, who wants to learn english. Internet flooded with english content, in spite of sometime we can’t figure out from where should we start learning english? Which all things should we keep in our mind while learning it.

There are two types of learning:

1. Online learning

2. Classroom learning.

When i started learning english, even i was in two minds either should i go for online learning or classroom learning. Then, decided to choose online learning. I ain’t saying that classroom learning isn’t good. 

If you would rather choose classroom learning than online. Here you have to make sure that about the institute and tuition it could be any place where you are gonna enroll, Since you are gonna invest your money and time there and in my perspective, time is more valuable than money. Just rummage all about the place where you will enroll; about the teacher that they are fluent or not, how they teach their students, talk with them who have been learning english there, every information then certainly you can go for it.

Now let’s talk about online learning:

As far as i have know throughout my english learning journey, Online learning provides you more knowledge about english than classroom. 

There are several benefits in online learning; such as here you are taught real english not just bookish english, you can watch many videos about a topic if you didn’t get that, in online learning you can make your learning fun, you have tons of options you can watch learning videos, animated videos, listen stories, read stories, watch kids cartoon with subtitles and you can add your favourite activity while learning it. And the best platform to start learning English is Youtube. 

You might be pondering that why youtube is best? 

If you are ready to give time for your learning and you are ready to do work hard youtube is gonna be marvelous platform for your learning. Youtube has unlimited english content. You can watch as many videos as you want, if you are not able to understand certain topics don’t you worry you have another option. On youtube there are so many brilliant teachers, native speakers who have their own english learning youtube channel. 

Here i will tell you some youtube channels along with these channels you can start your english learning journey.

1. Spoken english guru.

I highly recommend this channel to those who wants to speak not only fluently but correct english. As this channel has every concept of grammer. 

When it comes to teacher, He is brilliant he has commendable command over grammer. There is no such topic that is he didn’t teach. When i subscribed this channel i wouldn’t have to subscribe another channel for grammer. He knows every ins and outs of grammer and without knowing grammer we won’t be able to speak english correctly. Here you will find not only learning videos, you will get practice exercise videos as well. This channel is a complete grammer guide. 

2. Learnex: Learn english through hindi.

You might have heard and seen this channel before on youtube. This is also a best channel to learn english. Here you have many teachers they give you mix content, you will get vocabulary videos, pronunciation videos, live sessions with fluent english teachers, phrasal_verb vocabulary videos, idioms and much more.

They teach you real english which is you can use in real world not only in text books. You will get many advance english learning videos. 

3. Let’s talk: learn english with let’s talk.

This is another channel on youtube, in this channel you have a plus point that you can learn english through english. When you learn english through english then it increases chance to improve your understading and listening skill.

Let’s talk is also a best english learning channel, likewise Learnex you will get many teachers here you will get more than hundred vocabulary videos, or rather advance vocabulary, english improving tips, survival english learning videos. All teachers are fluent in spoken english this is one of the best part.

4. Learn english with TV series.

Learn english with TV series is best channel to improve your english through TV series. Here you will get english content of American shows, TV series, movies etc. As we all know we can improve our english by watching english movie with subtitles or without.

It helps us to understand how native speakers speak. In this channel you will get short videos and each video contains a short clip of a movie and show and then you are told what the meaning of the clip’s dialogue, slang words, idioms and phrasal_verbs. In such a way you learn many things about native speaker conversation’s skills.

5. TsMadaan.

If you loathe grammer, but you have to learn it. Then you can subscribe this channel for sure. In this channel you will get videos of grammer as well as advance english learning videos.

Teacher has taught grammer with fun, it’s my cast iron guarantee that you will be able to understand grammer effortlessly. If you are the one who don’t wanna learn those frightening rules and structure of grammer you can learn here. 

6. English with nab.

English with nab is also my favourite channel. If you want to improve your accent and pronunciation it will help you.

Teacher has native accent he 

covered up amazing content on his channel.

Either it’s vocabulary or grammer you will get here, you won’t feel dull certainly while learning english on his channel you will have variety.

So these are some channels on youtube if you subscribe all 6 channels and you will practise  come hell or high water you will learn and improve your english for sure. If you wanna add your favourite channel certainly you can.

Everything has two aspects so as internet you can choose right content for you it will definitely help you. 

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