Guarda l’ultima Spika Live: Le canzoni Natalizie che ci hanno insegnato l’inglese”
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Welcome to Get the Vocab!
In this series of videos, we are going to explain the words used in a specific episode of a TV Series.
Today is the turn of: Season 1, Episode 6 of “The Big Bang Theory”!

Here is a list of the words of this video:
Terrible and terrific 00:37
To acknowledge 1:32
To annihilate 1:45
To be fragged 1:58
To call 2:26
Heart skips a beat 2:39
To be wasted 2:54
Wingman 3:07
Learning disability 3:39
To intimidate 3:50
To be driven by ST 4:03
To make a point 4:30


Illustrations by the fantastic Narcissa Devil



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