GOOD or WELL 馃 Adverb or Adjective? Confusing English Grammar

Good or WELL? 馃 These common English words can be a little confusing! Are they adverbs, adjectives, or BOTH? Let’s find out so that you can correct your English grammar mistakes!
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Study the 10 MOST COMMON GRAMMAR MISTAKES that English learners make 馃憠

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45 thoughts on “GOOD or WELL 馃 Adverb or Adjective? Confusing English Grammar

  1. Hi Emma 馃檪 I hope you are doing well 馃檪 My examples are:
    – 陌t is a good option to watch a movie with a cup of hot chocolate when it rains.
    -Maybe you don't know but I am really good at cooking 陌talian food.
    -Emma explains the confusing grammar rules very well.
    -To sound more like a native speaker and speak English very well, you need to practise every day.

  2. I've purchased, book:
    The Gregg Reference Manual: A Manual of Style, Grammar, Usage, and Formatting.
    I have several grammar tuition books. Each book seems to teach grammar in a different way thus I do learn more about grammar and how to write well. That's me!

    Which and That.

  3. >good lessons馃槏
    >You're teaching English well 馃槝
    >I hope you will be well all the time鈽
    >Your lessons are good馃槡
    >You always do good by giving us these lessons馃槏
    Thanks Emma , please check my sentences if they're correct 馃槏馃槏

  4. Hello, our dear teacher what is the true answer for this question (Egypt's energy supply…………. increase after discovering a new natural gas field in Sinai. C) is going to. D) will please respond to my question and tell me the reason of the choice and thanks a lot.

  5. A: They aren't doing it well, we have to teach them again.

    B: Brandon is a good teacher, so he can do it.

    A: But what about Leah? she's also a good editor .

    B: I thought of Leah too, but she's not so well at the moment. She's still recovering from a virus.
    We got to do some good to her and help her with some housework.

    A: That actually sounds like a good idea. Why don't we visit her on saturday? Last time I saw her, she didn't look well.

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