Google AdWords: What Are Exact, Phrase, and Broad Match Types?

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Hey all!

In this short video, I explain the different Google AdWords match types, starting with exact, phrase, and broad. This is important to consider not only for your traffic quality, but also for the cost of your clicks – exact match types are the most expensive as they are the most targeted, and the broad match types are the least expensive since they are the least targeted. But what is good traffic without a targeted customer base?

– Exact match type: you can create these with square brackets around the word you want to be exact. So if my keyword is [monkeys], then my ad will ONLY show to people who type in ‘monkeys’, with NO spelling errors, NO additional words, and just the EXACT word.

– Phrase match type: this is similar to exact in that the words you list here MUST be present in order for your ad to trigger. However, there can more words surrounding these phrase types in order for your ad to show. To add a phrase type, you need to add quotation marks around your word(s). So if my keyword is ‘flying monkeys’ as a phrase match type, people typing in ‘flying cool monkeys’ will NOT see my ad, but people typing in ‘cool flying monkeys today’ will. As long as the words are in the search form, your ad will show!

– Broad match type: this match type will get you the biggest number of impressions and possibly clicks as well. Not only does the broad match type include any form of misspellings of your keyword, but it will also trigger when someone types in anything even RELATED to your keywords. So if my broad match type keyword is ‘monkeys’, then perhaps something like ‘gorillas’ or ‘orangutans’ will show as well. You want to be extremely careful with this match type because you may get a ton of clicks that are totally unrelated to your keyword, but the Google Ad system will consider it to be so. It has happened to me in the past, and unless you sit at your computer all day hammering out negative keywords, I would not suggest the broad match type.

Speaking of negative keywords, they are important so that words that you DON’T want to trigger your ad won’t show. So if I am talking about a 30 day challenge for YouTube videos, I may want to put in ‘health’, ‘fitness’, and ‘weight loss’ as negative keywords for this keyword. More on this later.

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