Grammar For IELTS

Grammar for IELTS

Grammar For IELTS

preparation of ielts exam

preparation of ielts exam In the IELTS test, Grammar is awarded a separate band score in both the Speaking and Writing modules. You are assessed on your ability to use correct and appropriate grammar and on the range of sentence types that you produce. Even simple sentences need to be written accurately, but in order to raise your score above Band 4, you also need to be able to show that you can use some complex sentence types and have an understanding of the relevant tenses and structures.

preparation of ielts exam While there is no grammar section on the test, you will need these 7 English grammar rules on every section of the IELTS test!

If you would like assistance with test preparationIELTS centres and language schools around the world offer IELTS preparation courses. You don’t have to attend a preparation course, but many test takers find that doing so helps them improve their performance. Talk to your local IELTS test centre to find out more.

You can find Cambridge grammar for IELTS here for free, download the book from here Grammar for IELTS

and Audio files from here





























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