Learn the practical steps to communicate with someone in a different language using the Google Translate app.



  1. still not spontaneous as in real life /must make an app for automatic selection of language instead of us pressing everytime .also it must be made small like an earphone connected to the ear
    instead of carrying mobile in your hand

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  3. I like it. I downloaded the app. It helps so much and its EASY TO USE.

  4. What if one day they made a hologram device that translates languages carefully, shows emotion and expression

  5. Also keep in mind, google translate is not perfect. I suggest you look up google translate put into the prince of bel air, it will show how bad that app really is.

  6. English -> Russian was really bad. However, Russian -> English was almost perfect!

  7. I do like Google translate but the speech output I don’t like it because I know how to read it. Vanessa was right the speech output is sounding an idiot but thank God Google Translate didn’t add speech output for Filipino. I’m so happy about the Filipino didn’t got the speech output ?????? so google translate is the best app I can use for my future job.

  8. Hahahaha, OK. Vanessa Hand makes videos for CNET in Spanish (CNET en español) and that's it. In Spanish, they've a video very similar to this video. In this, the test of Google translate is with people of CNET in English, Vietnamese etc… If you don't understand some things I said it is because I don't speak 100% of English and I am writing this comment only with the words I know. Don't hate me 😉

  9. I should have a conversation with Seth because I'm learning Japanese and he's a cutie ?

  10. What's the point? The only time you'd use it would be in a different country where the data costs would be ridiculous

  11. well done Google, expanded beyond what Microsoft created on the windows phone

  12. Its amazing, i hope so it will us to do my day to day job with Japaneses customers. 🙂  

  13. It doesn't make any sense in Spanish, it is pretty much translating the opposite of what he's saying.

  14. I thought watashi wa is used by female speaker. Shouldn't it be "boku" or "ore"???

  15. So happy you have a bilingual team. Very impressed, but you couldn't find an Asian who speaks Japanese at a tech company da fuk??????

  16. I tried it, since i speak english and serbian and also tried it with german.. Works pretty good gotta say 🙂

  17. Oh good this will help a brother pick up some beautiful woman in different cultures hehe

  18. It's cool so far. Would like to see it keep getting better. English to Spanish didn't seem so hot


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