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  1. Hi, Vanessa. You're not only the best teacher but also a very nice person.

  2. in my school there is a teacher, well…a black teacher sorry for say that ? and he always says like that "how ya doing?" or "what's going on?" his vocabulary is of the getto but i like too much how he speaks ?

  3. wow. it helps me a lot. whenever I met American friend, she always said to me 'what's up', 'how's it going'. I totally didn't know how to respond with her greeting. I didn't tell her anything but I smiled instead. if I knew that expression, I would respond her greeting… It's a shame…haha

  4. Hi dear Vanessa, how's it going?!
    I've missed to watch your videos lately…
    You always share amazing english tips for us…that's a pitty I have not take advantage from all the videos that you recorded for us! :'(
    I'm sure that my english would have improved a lot if I'd got all the tips that you share for us… 🙁
    Anyway, thanks for one more video…and all the best for you and for your baby that are coming in this month!… 😀

  5. Hi, If is possible I would like you explain expressions using the word "left," in the context: I have just 2 bucks left.

  6. Very helpful expressions I always learn something new with your classes, Thanks Vanessa!

  7. hi vanessa can you make a video about how study phrasal verbs ? thank you so much

  8. Good day Teacher.thanks for your reminder tutorial, it's good to go back to the basic lessons that we studied in elementary level, good job teacher. i would like to use both how is it going (howz it goin) and how are you doing (Howz ya doin).
    so howz it goin friends?


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