This question pops up all the time in our mind how can i learn and improve our english easily by ourselves?

I have found here learning a language is more difficult than subject. Does difficult word creep you out? Don’t be.

There are some different types of learning; such as, understading, memorization, language learning and much more. And language learning isn’t comparable to others. 

In order to learn a language we gotta implement four methods and that are;

1. Reading

2. Listening

3. Writing

4. Speaking

But before, talking about these four methods you hafta understand the concept of language learning. It is manifest that language learning isn’t a 20-30 days process, it isn’t a subject that you can understand briskly by lots of reading and watching some videos on youtube. 

It’s a long term process. Don’t have to worry after reading a long term process it isn’t much long as you are thinking after reading it. 

I try to elaborate in a simple way for you to understand. If you are learning a subject, assume history so here you will apply memorization method. As history is a subject and you have gotta read and memorize things but if i talk about a language so, do you read a language or memorize it for your knowledge and certain times? Obviously not.

Just as we don’t apply merely memorization method in a language learning, so we can’t learn it by short time of period. We have got to learn it everyday. And these four methods help us to learn a language and after that the rest is all practice. 

There is no shortcut to learn it rapidly. However, we can learn english easily certainly.

Here i will explain how you can learn english by yourself and easily as well. I will divide these four methods into two categories; I will put, Reading and listening into input category and writing and speaking into output category.

What does input mean? that we are consuming something and we give output after input.

Sounds great?

So let’s start…

1. Reading.

I have written a post about how can you improve your english by reading? Where i have explained step by step you could read that article as well, However now i will share a technique with you in order to improve your reading for your better english learning, vocabulary, phrases etc.

So, Reading is essential in english learning as we all already know. When we read a book, a novel and anything. 

It gives us lots of information as well as knowledge, come to know that how sentences are formed and it improves our writing skills too, we come across new words, phrases, sentences formations and many things. And sometimes we get stuck on those difficult words as we don’t the meaning of that and paragraphs those seem puzzling to us because of their advance sentence structures.

I am about to tell you a technique that you can use for your reading to learn vocabulary and more for too long.

It is a feynman technique maybe you have heard it before that. But first let me tell you who was feynman. 

Richard phillips feynman was an American theoretical physicist. He had discovered a technique for understading new things easily. 

And in reading this is important to understand the meanings of difficult words and memorize them in order to use further.

I will try to explain what is the technique in easiest way. 

If you are reading a book or an article on google and you encounter a word which is you wanna learn for long time and use it with others. 

All you have gotta do search that word on google or youtube, try to understand the meaning. 

After doing it just open your notebook and write that word on your notebook and now write the meaning of that word, however here you hafta write meaning in your words which you have understood after reading the meaning on google. 

If you aren’t able to understand let me explain by giving an example.

I am taking a word here that wasn’t in my vocabulary list. I was reading an article last night and there i found it. And the word is Blasphemy.

Blasphemy meaning on google is- the action or offence of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk.

And now after getting the meaning i try to explain the meaning in my words.

Blasphemy is an act of foul speaking or doing something disrespectful about one’s religion or sacred things.

Now i have completely gotten the meaning of blasphemy if i have to explain to someone i can easily do this. So did you see? how can you improve your understading in reading by using this technique. And if i read something after long time, i will be able to understand blasphemy meaning in on time. 

This is how you can use this technique in reading to improve your english easily. 

Whensoever you read something don’t omit, read it and try to understand and if you can’t understand the words find out those meaning and again read and understand it. 

2. Listening.

Just like reading, listening is also in input category. I have heard that most of the people say, you can learn english only by listening it like a baby. 

Since baby doesn’t learn grammer, vocabulary and anything, he just hears and observers everything around him and he learns a language only through listening. Yes it is true, But in baby’s case not as an adult. 

If you search on google you will find that a baby’s brain is an unusual gift. I have read that an infant’ brain can tell the difference between 800 sounds. 

The more you read, the more you will get to know the difference between an infant’s brain and an adult’s brain. So there is misconception in our mind that we can learn a language or english language (ONLY) through listening. 

I ain’t saying that listening doesn’t help us, it does help us to learn and improve our english provided we have atleast little knowledge about it. 

We can listen stories and podcast in english to improve it. Listening helps us to improve our pronunciation when you start listening english everyday your brain will catch it and will try to understand, in such a way you can improve you english by listening.

Start listening with simple stories, shouldn’t go for such advance english speeches wherein you get frustrated while listening that because you can’t understand everything in on go and make sure listen everything with slow speed in beginning. 

3. Writing.

Many a person says, i can understand and write english flawlessly. Well, have you ever checked yourself out that whether even you can write it correctly and confidently or not? 

Writing comes before speaking. When you are able to write anything in english then, well done you have learnt english 50 percent. 

The rest 50 is speaking. For english learning we must write everything in english whatsoever we listen and read. Writing helps you in your speaking as well. 

When we right something our brain can speak it easily without putting so much efforts. Even though written and spoken english is different from each other. Having said that, writing can help you in your spoken english. 

Start everything with simple things. You can write you daily routine in english make a notebook for only your daily routine and write down everything in that. All the things you do everyday try to write with proper words and grammer rules. After doing it for one or two months you will have confidence and it will improve your english steadily. 

4. Speaking.

The final and the favorite part of mine or certainly yours as well. For to be fluent in english we gotta do all three things Reading, listening and writing.

As per speaking so i have to say only one thing you can be fluent in english only by practising,in my journey speaking has been a toughest part i am still working hard on it. 

But i can say i have improved slowly but surely. Try to speak every single thing in english what i do whenever i hafta say something i try hard to say in english and sometime i talk to myself in english fluency comes with practice. 

When you speak something avoid words try to speak short sentences. Like i want coffee, i am sleeping etc. Your brain will get used to speaking these daily used sentences in english and it will help you to talk more in english. The more you practice, the more fluent you will be.

This is how you can learn and improve your english by yourself. Let me know if it helps you in your english learning journey.

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