English reading

English reading

Most of the people love to read books, Although they are not english learners. Even i like reading books i have been used to reading books, stories and much more.

It not just a good habit rather it can help you to improve your english drastically.

When i wasn’t a fluent reader, yet i would read books so when i started my english learning journey now i realise that i had choosen those books which were quite puzzling for me but i had completed it. 

My first book was,

Ladakh: A Piece of Broken Moon Land 

Ladakh: A piece of broken moon land

Titanic: The story about the unsinkable ship

Titanic; The story of the unsinkable ship

Ladakh( A piece of broken mood land) is a photography book and when i was reading it. 

I felt like that i am in the middle of those beautiful snowcapped mountains and i am taking a stroll in the valley streets. By and large it was an engrossing experience for me. 

And the second book was, Titanic it was a sort of mysterious book and i loved reading it as well. I have read many books but i am telling about these two, As these are my favourite books that i read these books when i wasn’t good in english, Having said that, i completed them because of my interest.

Apart from this, the crucial thing is these two books helped me a lot to improve my understading in english, i came across so many new words, sentences formation and a lot, and i gained confidence to read further.

If you wanna read these books you can certainly go for it. Now i think that i made an exceptional decision to choose these books to improve my english.

How can reading help you in many ways to improve your english enormously?

1. Sharpen your mind.

Certainly, Reading helps you to brush up your understanding skill in english. When you watch content you don’t have to focus on that much. Even so, when you read something you have to concentrate more than watching. Your mind is more active when you read something and it tries to understand and consume it.

Reading provides you knowledge you collect the information in your mind. You get to know many things that you weren’t aware of. By reading books, novels, magazines you could be able to think more new ideas. 

2. Expand vocabulary.

Reading expands your vocabulary. When you read a new book you will find many new words, you will learn context vocabulary by reading. 

For example- if you are reading a book that is about a war then you will get weaponry vocabulary, or if you are reading a book which is about travelling then you will get travelling vocabulary and every type of vocabulary helps you in your written as well as spoken english. 

Whenever you read a book in your phone, open a translation app or a dictionary in side bar and if you get stuck somewhere just check it out that word and then try to understand the sentence with that word’s meaning. By using this method you will improve your understading skill to use one word in different sentences.

By reading books you learn how sentences are formed, it will help you in your writing skill too. If you find it boring you can go for some comics. Reading is an activity which is required for improve your english you learn how to make sentences in formal and informal ways.

3. Improves your pronunciation.

Reading improves your pronunciation. When you read a book you have to pronouns each word then you try to speak it correctly. 

There are so many apps where you can listen the book while reading it or you can download audio books when you listen to them you will figure out that how sentences are pronounced.

4. Boost confidence.

Do you wanna get rid of your hesitation while speaking english? 

A gigantic yes for this method. Reading boosts your confidence. Always try to read out loud and with full concentration. When you read in such a way you will get confidence automatically. 

Confidence matters a lot. When you speak confidently, you are not using advance vocabulary though, People consider you as a fluent speaker only because of your confidence. 

There are so many story apps you can download in your smart phone to read it. And you can get a library subscription if you are fond of reading online. Or you have numerous options to choose your favorite category of books. 

Kindle is also an app where you can find lots of books paid or free of cost. You can download storytel audiobooks. Here you can listen stories; sci-fi, sitcom, and many.

Figure out your interest that what kind of books you are fond of reading. It isn’t necessary that you have to read those books which someone recommends you absolutely not. Find your interest if you are fond of reading fictions, go fir it there are so many categories. Lets enjoy reading.

Learning english has many activities. One of them is reading. You can bring it to another level by doing these mix up activities to be fluent in english.

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