As we all know english is being spoken all over the world, for someone learning english could be passion or for someone it could be necessary for their future.

For me it has been a childhood dream to be 

fluent in english, when i used to see people who would speak english fluently and confidentially. i would think ‘would i be able to speak english like them’ But i didn’t care so much about it. After that i had to leave my school i have studied up to class X. And after leaving my studies i didn’t start learning english.

Before one year, I started learning english i never went to any english learning institute and i haven’t done any kind of particular english learning course, i started my english journey from youtube, i had to learn it initially it was baffling for me i didn’t know from where should i have started it, from grammer, vocabulary, phrases. So i mixed up all these things for learning english. I used to watch videos i started reading books. I wouldn’t be a good reader though, it was totally perplexed to understand the vocabulary and the sentence formation. I had to face lots of difficulties while reading those books.

Despite all those difficulties i never gave up.I never thought that i should omit the idea of learning a second language, Then i started listening english stories it was winter season when i started it so i would kept my mobile phone in hoodie’s pocket and i put the earphone in the ears and i would start listening stories while doing my work. After 2 months i noticed that i could understand the stories properly and i could read those difficulties books. And after few months i could understand and write it to some extent while doing these things i made a mistake i never bothered about speak english i would only write, read and listen english i thought if i can write it i can speak it as well, However it was my bad when i tried to speak english. I was having to face struggle while speaking i realised that spoken english isn’t a piece of cake. It is desparate from written english i would only write and listen i wouldn’t start speak english so i could barely speak it even before 2 months i couldn’t speak it properly. Then i started practising with people of speaking and now i can speak it to some extent alhamdulillaah i am not a fluent speaking i am trying to be.

It’s been a year, having started learning english and i am still learning as well as working on my speaking.

I have never been anywhere to learn it. O had to face tons of difficulties in spite of, now atleast alhamdulillaah i am able to write and speak it a bit. So for learning anything you must be ambitious about that make those things fun, i am not a good content writer having said that, i wanted to share my short and sweet experience with those people who are trying to hard for learning english.

If you have self efficacy and you wanna to something or learn something you can.

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