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If ‘TO’ is pronounced To, then why is ‘GO’ not Gu?

Why do noses run and feet smell? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Is it Allot or A Lot, is it I or Me, is it Tell or Say, is it Hear or Listen, is it Accept or Except, is it Principal or Principle, is it Massage or Message? And something that I still ponder upon….Are they really that out-going, or are they going out?!

English is a funny language. And all my life, I’ve hated it. Because not only is it NOT my mother tongue, but it was also extremely confusing. But as our English Teacher always said, ‘English is the window to the world!’ Well…we had to learn it.

My journey is of a young girl who was scared of speaking in English even infront of her friends to someone who went on to representing India at the World Championship of Public Speaking at Orlando, Florida in 2012 by Toastmasters International.

So in this 5 min video, I have summarised, my journey of how I learnt English for FREE without attending any expensive Spoken English classes.

I hope my methods work for you too!


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