Non-native speakers of English find
it difficult to give correct answers to WOULD YOU MIND and WOULD YOU CARE
questions. They say YES when they are supposed to say NO, and vice versa; thus
they lose out on so many profitable things. This article is written to solve
such problem as it, in simple terms, explains the difference between “Would you
mind?” and “Would you care?”


Q1: Would you mind if I brought Tammy
to the party?

If you want the person to bring Tammy
to the party, say “No, I wouldn’t (mind).” If you say YES, it means you don’t
want Tammy to attend the party.

Q2: Would you care for a
This part is very simple.
YES means you want a drink. And NO means you don’t want a drink.

In a nutshell, when you
use “MIND,” NO means YES. But when you use “CARE,“ YES means YES.

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