Every english learner has a dream to be fluent in english. Although it is not as easy as we think.

 It takes time, your hard work, your efforts. Being not able to fluent in english sometimes, it gets on nerves and we lose heart. So i am gonna share some tips here what i have done to get fluency in english, hope it will help you to get fluency in english.

1. Speak confidently.

Confidence can lead you to fluency. Speak with confidence whether you have advance vocabulary or not whatever you know speak confidently. Start with short and simple sentences, try to speak with confidence not with hesitation. If you are fearful to be criticized so you can practice alone for atleast one month. Practise before your mirror speak anything.

 Choose a topic it could be about something. For example; speak about any movie that you watched lately, speak about that topic which you have learned recently in english class. Speaking is not a solo activity though. 

You can try one more thing just join any english group where you can talk to people in english, or rather you can create your own group on whats app and send that group’s link to your friends who are interested to practice with you in english only. And after that talk to them in voice chats (audio) when you talk to them in audio, you will get confidence while speaking. And you will be able to improve your spoken english as well.

2. Pronunciation.

Most of the people are negligent about pronunciation. Pronunciation is essential in any language. Let’s assume, if your name is jenny and someone says to you jany or zenny. It sounds weird, doesn’t it? This is how pronunciation matters in your english. Watch pronunciations videos. When you learn a new word just check that’s pronunciation on google. 

Try to pronouns them accurately. Pronunciation helps you to sound fluent.

3. Don’t be a word bore!

You had better replace your basic vocabulary to advance, if you are on intermediate level. Repeat same words over and over again it makes you a word bore. 

For instance; if you wanna say ‘i am extremely happy’ you can say ‘i am euphoric’ there are dozens of ways to say happy, Euphoric, thrilled, delighted, blissful, walking on air, on cloud nine, over the moon, elated. 

You can use tons of words, rather than using lots of intensifier with words such as really confused, very tired, very thirsty. In english you have many synonyms of one word to express your thoughts extravagantly.

4. Talk to native speakers.

Yes, talk to native speakers. I wanna share my experience that i have a friend who is a native speaker, she lives in england. So when i started talking to her i have learned so many things from her that how a native speaker speak, so i have found that they use phrasal_verbs and slang words in their conversation more often.

I say wait. She says hang on so i found it interesting to use phrasal_verbs and new words in your conversation. Native speakers have extensive vocabulary. When you talk to them, you will get to know how they pronouns words and how they speak sentences. It will help you substantially.

5. Create english environment around yourself.

If you are watching a series watch in english, if you are listening a story listen in english. Just create english environment around you. It will help you to understand english, it will improve your listening skill. If you are finding it difficult then watch it with subtitles and after some time watch in without subtitles. 

Listen english speeches, watch kids stories, read books, comics. If you have to talk to someone on phone. Try to speak in english, It is not comfortable for you to speak full sentences then try to speak words constantly. It will make a habit for you to speak in english it will lead you to fluency.

Fluency isn’t an overnight process.It will take time and your hard work in it. Just practise everyday.

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