Can we understand english native speaker accurately?

Do you understand them without bewilderment?

Probably we can’t. Since native speakers have different accent and they speak faster than Non native speakers in order to understand them and being a part of their conversation english listening plays a vital role in our learning.

At times, We can speak english fluently but when it comes to understand a person who speaks like native speaker we aren’t able to understand him/her. 

After listening native speakers i have realised that we couldn’t skip a single method in english learning, if we wanna be fluent in it.

Fluency doesn’t mean that when we speak fluently it also means when we are able to understand others. English listening practice helps us to improve our english in many ways; It’s improves our pronunciation, Our understanding skill, and in many other ways.

Listening requires work hard for sometimes, However, if we wanna be fluent in english we gotta do whatsoever has to be done. 

So when we want to start practising we look for methods to start with easy ways. 

Here i’ll try to tell you that how can you practice of your english listening with some easy and helpful methods.

1. Listen everything in english.

For improving your listening skill you will have to listen everything in english as much as you can. I know it’s not gonna be easy to improve it by snapping your finger it takes tym, it’s a long term process.

We could learn a language like a baby, however, a baby has several years to learn a language by listening but as an adult we don’t have many a year that is the reason to learn a language we gotta analyse everything, Therefore we do use some more methods for learning a language such as reading, writing, speaking along with listening.

So try to listen everything in english and then analyse whatsoever have you listened. It will help you to increase your understanding for learning english language.

Listen everything in english by that i mean is if you watch something on youtube, netflix it could be anything try to watch in english only it doesn’t matter whether you can understand everything or not just listen closely.

Don’t be fearful that i won’t be able to understand those difficult words, english expression, etc. Just start listening and when you do this for few months, naturally you will start understanding the language.

2. Speak along with listening.

This is the method i do use the most whensoever i listen something in english i try to imitate, Imitation in everything isn’t nice, But in english learning it is gonna be useful for you. Listening helps us to speak better.

You might be thinking how come?

Let me explain you, When we try to speak the same which we are listening it helps us drastically to improve our pronunciation. Since some kinda words are jawbreakers;

A jawbreaker is a word that is hard to pronouns.

I had many jawbreaker words When i start listening them over and over again i can pronouns them now flawlessly.

I would like to tell you that a word ‘consistency’ was a jawbreaker for me i know it quite easy to pronouns but for me it wasn’t then i used this method and now i can pronouns it.

I used to imitate and still a word is colossal jawbreaker for me is ‘Refrigerator’ I know it is most commonly used word but i can’t pronouns it properly. 

And i frequently try to pronouns it while listening. Thus, this is how listening improves your pronunciation as well.

3. Listen Native speaker’s speech.

This is my favorite method to improve english listening. Why must you listen to native speakers? 

As a matter of fact, Native speakers speak faster than non native speakers. 

Now, you are wondering that then why should you listen to them if they speak fast?

Because if you are gonna move an english native country, and attend a meeting with foreigners, and even having a conversation with a non-native speaker but fluent, it could be any situation. 

Then people won’t speak slow they will not speak english like we listen on youtube, and in our english classes. They will speak naturally but it will be unnatural for us as we aren’t used to listening english like them.

Then why don’t we start listening real english. Even on youtube if you search you will get lots of videos of native speaker’s speech. In the Beginning listen to them with subtitles and it’s up to you either you wanna listen to them with subtitles or without. 

Don’t focus on every word and every sentence just listen to them carefully. Try to speak with them, imitate them, pronouns words with them, focus on their mouth analyse everything in that particular speech or conversation. 

If they speak too fast and you aren’t able to understand, then you can reduce the speed of that video and after that listen their conversation, and understand, then listen with same speed that was before.


This method will really help you to improve your english listening skill as well as your spoken english when you will get used to understanding their fast conversation you will try to speak faster than before. It will naturally improve your spoken english.

I have tried these methods for my improvement being an english learner, if you really want to learn it. You have got to tackle everything with your comfort.

Don’t be harsh on youself. You need to have check and balance that i m doing good and i am not doing good enough this is the line i have heard that i got it completely. Just enjoy your learning.

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