How to Do Keyword Research | Cool FREE Tool & Simple Hacks For more training on SEO visit: Don’t forget to LIKE this Video SUBSCRIBE to my channel and COMMENT your feedback below! Resource links mentioned: FREE Keyword Research Tool… Follow Me! Instagram: @JacobMills1989 Facebook: @JacobMills1989 Twitter: @JacobMills1989 Google Plus: @JacobMills1989 An exclusive Black Belt SEO production. Learning how to do keyword research the right way in 2017 is very important and crucial to your overall success with each new SEO project you tackle. Proper keyword research is the foundation of any good search engine optimization campaign and should be done with careful thought and consideration. Using plenty of long-tail keyword phrases in your keyword optimization is also very effective in getting good keyword rankings in the search engines. Building out a targeted list of search terms and search phrases to use in your website content optimization is all about using the data from Google wisely. Using the alphabet soup strategy will help you find great new keyword ideas that may help you with your on-page optimization for your website. Watch “How to Do Keyword Research | Cool FREE Tool & Simple Hacks” and start your SEO projects off the right way!



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