How to Evaluate Your Own Level of English – Watch this to Find Out (A1-C2)

How to Evaluate Your Own Level of English - Watch this to Find Out (A1-C2) – Click here to join my email list and get my book (for free!).

The European Framework for Languages can help you with this. There are six levels in total:

A1: Beginner – This is where you can use very simple expressions. You need the other person to speak slowly.

A2: Elementary – This where you can understand frequently used expressions and can talk about simple things.

B1: Intermediate – You can deal with most situations when traveling and give explanations for opinions and plans.

B2: Upper Intermediate – You feel confident in most situations and can speak with a certain level of fluency.

C1: Advanced – This is fluency. You can use the language in a flexible way in many situations.

C2: Proficient – Understand everything and you speak like a native.

So, what level do you currently have? And are you happy with this level?

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