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Do you feel…
Uncomfortable when you explain something in English?
Difficult to express your thoughts in English?

Don’t worry, this video will help you to overcome these obstacles!

This time, X3English channel will bring you another brand new self-studying English video! So amazing and motivating!

Not only in daily conversation but also in written correspondence, in email, … you will come across some situation where you have to show someone a process of doing something.

For example, imagine a foreigner wants you to show him how to get to the bus stop, but the way is so complicated, so how can you express your instruction clearly?

In this video, X3English will provide you a list of sequence words that can be used in this case. Believe me, it will switch up your English vocabulary, and now giving instructions to someone is just a piece of cake!

Besides, we also have a lot of diverse examples that you can refer to or apply them in daily situations. Hope that you can gain more useful knowledge as well as improve your English communication skills!

Also, make sure to watch till the end guys! And don’t forget to turn on the CC subtitles and hit the subscribe button for our next interesting content.



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