Aside from the usual E16 error which displays on your screen, “invalid channel” error is an evitable error that frustrates most GOtv subscribers. It is an unexpected error, that is, it just happens. And most times we don’t know how to fix it because we can’t trace its cause. If you always see this error on your screen anytime you click on a particular channel, especially the one you love to watch, follow the steps below to fix it.

How To Fix “Invalid Channel” Error on GOtv

1. While your GOtv decoder is switched on, click on the MENU button on your GOtv remote.

2. Scroll down to INFORMATION CENTRAL.

3. Click OK. 

How To Fix “Invalid Channel” Error on GOtv

4. Click on the INFO button on your GOtv remote.

5. Click on number 7 on your GOtv remote. Your TV screen will automatically go blank. Don’t be scared.

How To Fix “Invalid Channel” Error on GOtv

6. Allow your decoder to reboot.

7. Check the channels that had such error for confirmation afterwards.

8. Enjoy yourself. 

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