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  1. I often have english conversation on the phone because my cousin live in america and they don't speak any french. And i also have english conversation on the phone when i book a plane ticket i always call the company to have more information about my flight.

  2. Hi my tutor vanessa i come from somalia how can i get your phone my friend or my teacher

  3. Thank you I enjoy your videos, I use a lot of English on my work but I feel that still need more practice. Would you mind to make more videos to improve our conversational skills?

  4. Hi Vanessa,it is me Amanuel from Eritrea, Thanks for your English teaching class and may i speak to Daniel please!
    Finally i had problem with conversion, but now it looks better than earlier.

  5. I don’t have business conversation.I wanna take over the galaxy.let me do it!

  6. Can I get someone who make me a practice in here if you have good english please leave my reply your whats up lumber

  7. seriously what a teching style vey very nice i ciulf also wanna like but how can u give some suggestion


  8. Oh thanks Vanessa I’m new really I like how to explain and I said thanks now I wanna to help me lesson about begginer sure ?

  9. I haven’t answered a English call.
    In my next job I’d like to need English language, to keep practicing and growing up


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