How to Improve Vocabulary: The "two way" approach to learning English vocabulary words @doingenglish

How to Improve Vocabulary: The “two way” approach to learning English vocabulary words
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Learning English vocabulary: In this video I talk about how to learn English vocabulary words, and the best way to remember them.


This is an old video that I filmed in 2011, but re-edited and uploaded in 2013! It used to be called “how to learn English words”, but I changed the title to “how to improve vocabulary”.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s basic English vocabulary or advanced. Academic vocabulary or business english vocabulary. The “way” to learn it, that is “how to learn words” is the same.

This video teaches you that way, so you can make your English learning more effective, and speak English faster and better. It won’t provide you with any vocabulary exercises, but it will show you how to use your own effectively.

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Doing English with Julian Northbrook

Here you’ll find English vocabulary exercises, basic english vocabulary, advanced english vocabulary, as well as tips on how to learn english vocabulary effectively.

These include British English words, British idioms and other useful lessons to help you speak English.


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