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Discover a way to practice speaking English alone to improve your spoken English. This approach can help improve several aspects of your pronunciation, your grammar, your sentence structure, your vocabulary, and your ability to communicate with others in English.



  1. my suggestion is talk in louder by yourself with what happened yesterday your life in past tense and if you have a time practice to tell in same things in future tense also …

  2. My listening and writing are pretty good ,but whenever I start to speak and express my ideas I get nervous and all the vucoubulary I know fly away even though I have the point and that make me feel so bad.?

  3. Things I usually forget word I wanna speak but I use the synonyms instead.

  4. Could you give me your phone number for me to add you to a whatsapp group in english??

  5. Is there anybody to practice english speaking with me? Please just be added with me through Facebook.

  6. My WhatsApp 8293718771 Any person that wants to practice Inglish with me please write me.

  7. I dont have problem writing english words,,, the only problem is I stutter every SINGLE TIME I speak

  8. my problem is when I wrote some paragraph in English I'm afraid about the grammar (is it correct or not), and when I speak it, it takes many times bcs I'm hesitant

  9. I understand when someone talking or when I read. But I cannot speak or make a good sentences.

  10. My problem is.. I wanna talk to myself in English but I am afraid that my pronunciation is bad, and if I speak in such a bad pronunciation, it may be able to solidify ? I dont know what to do

  11. I am a major in English student and I can honestly say that I am one of the students who suffers in public speaking. I can write good essays. I know some rules in English. But I can't do well in public speaking. I'm jealous of other people who is confident enough to speak in front of the class with no hesitation.

  12. Sometimes its hard for me when I have to speak it because its like I fear that I'm going to say something wrong and the other will be like correcting me or making fun of me idk I mean im insecure when i have to speak it or sometimes when I write something in English I have the need to search in the translator if that word is right 🙁 (tell me pls if I wrote this right I'm not a native speaker)

  13. I like this idea very much. Thanks for sharing. Before that I never ever think of one day I will learn English from a Thai teacher because as far as I know, Thai is not an English speaking country. You did so well that make me feel motivated. I wish one day I will be able to come up with creative and useful ideas and share them with others who need help to improve English.

  14. Quite a good technique if you don't have anyone to practice with, or no one wants to practice with you even in the language exchange apps.

  15. Everyday i practice english speaking with myself. No one needs to me.


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