Learning English can be hard. Sometimes, you can be too tired or bored to study. When this happens to me, I do three things to keep me on track and continue studying:

1. I take a break – I’m only human so I get tired. It’s ok to take a break and relax. I do something enjoyable like watch YouTube videos or take a walk outside. Usually, this helps me get my energy back.
2. I check my learning plan or go back to my life goals – Sometimes I just need to remember why I need to improve my English. Is it to go back to school? To get a better job? Or to understand my kids better? This can renew your energy and make you more determined to learn English.
3. I combine different learning styles – Maybe the way you’re learning does not fit your learning style. Try another way or combine different ways. For example, if you’re tired of reading, try listening to an audiobook instead. If it’s boring for you to study alone, learn with a group. You can also make classroom learning more exciting by trying online learning as well.

There are so many ways to learn English. The important thing is to keep going and improving. See you next time!

1. Images, created with the help of Canva, hosted at www.canva.com
2. The video was created with the help of iMovie, its Audio, Titles, Backgrounds and Transitions.



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