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The steps to learning American English pronunciation are very structured, and if you follow the Pronunciation Pro program step-by-step you will be able to speak English with clear pronunciation. The method of learning English pronunciation is different than the method of learning the English language. Learning the English language involves learning grammar and vocabulary, but learning English pronunciation is all about learning 2 things: the SOUNDS of English (which include how to pronounce English vowels and consonants), and the RHYTHM of English. Just like every music style has its own rhythm, every language, including English, has its own rhythm. In order to speak English fluently you must learn how to use the rhythm of English.

Have you ever been at a restaurant and overheard someone speaking in another language? Maybe you couldn’t hear the specific words they were saying but you knew what language they were speaking. How did you know the language without hearing the words? It’s because you recognized the rhythm of that language. Every language has its own unique rhythm or beat. English is no exception. English has it’s own rhythm that can be recognized without using specific words.

Can you imitate the English rhythm without using specific words? Try it! The English rhythm is based on the combination of stressed and unstressed syllables and words in sentences. When you stress a word or syllable, you are saying it longer, louder, with a higher pitch, and with full pronunciation (not reduced). Some words and syllables in English are stressed and some are unstressed which means we say them quickly or a little lazy.

I have found as I teach English Pronunciation and Fluency that it’s usually more important to learn the correct rhythm of English than it is to learn the correct English sounds. Pronouncing English sounds are important but even if you learn all of the sounds, you will still have trouble being understood. This is because native English speakers are used to hearing the correct rhythm of English. It’s natural and comfortable for them to listen to that familiar rhythm (it’s the same for other languages as well). So, when you use the correct rhythm of English then your listener can listen with ease.

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