How to learn English Speaking easily – Learn the best way of Learning English Speaking

কিভাবে ইংরেজি শিখতে হয় ? How to learn English easily । Let’s Speak English Part 1

This is an new English spoken course titled Let’s speak english and you will get
This lesson is about how to learn English speaking and writing easily by learning an English story. You will get the best tips for learning English and how to learn English easily and how that should be learned, wadud sir has created his own idea to learn english speaking and writing and why you should learn english with grammar , he has also discussed on this video.

He has

There are two ways of developing communicative competence in a language. like learning English speaking.
They are acquisition and learning.
Acquisition means learning a language like a mother tongue which is learned subconsciously

The second way is learning which very much like learning English that means any foreign language like English speaking and writing.

Learning English is like learning process as it is our foreign language as it is learned consciously thinking about grammar rules, vocabulary memorizing everything.


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