How to Learn English Speaking Fluently – Wadud Sir Shared his Own ways of Learning English

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The video is about the ways of learning english speaking fluently.
In this video wadud sir has shared the ways he learnt English speaking fluently.

If you want to learn english speaking fluently. you will have to learn vocabulary from your daily bengali conversation and then you will have to learn English grammar according to your conversation.

whadud sir has also shown how to practice english speaking with others without having any english speaking friends.

you will also learn how to practice english and how to learn english fluently.

Basic English মানে কি কি ? How to Start learning English Speaking & writing Skill — part 1

A An । The

একটা নির্দিষ্ট
a e i o u (vowels)
সংক্ষিপ্ত টাইটেল।ইউ উচ্চারন
উপরের সমস্যা গুলির সমাধান O – One – তার পুর্বে a
–a- one taka note. –a– one eyed man. — — orange
O এর পুর্বে H= ‘হ’ উচ্চারিত হলে a না হলে an
–an- onest. —an- hour.
–a– horse –a– holiday

U – ইউ উচ্চারিত হলে a না হলে an
-a– university –a– unique idea
–an- umbrella
–an– uncultured man
পদবী টাইটেল সংক্ষিপ্ত শব্দের প্রথম অক্ষর vowel উচ্চারিত হলে a না হলে an
—an– F C P S. —an– M. A.
—a– B.A.
—an- L.L.B
কিছু কিছু Phrase আছে যাদের সামনে সবসময় a বসে যেমন — a great / a long / a little / a small / a few / a lot / a large / a number etc.

The নির্দিস্ট/একক/সমষ্টি

Of এর একটা শব্দ পুর্বে সাধারনত the বসে
–the– People of Bangladesh.
—the — rate of dollar.
—-the—- mangoes of Rajshahi .
—-the — students of Dhaka University.

শব্দের শেষে st / est —— The
–the- first –the– latest –the— biggest
–the– most beautiful

একক বা সমষ্টিগত বুঝালে তার পূর্বে The বসে
—the– sun. –the— east.
—-the– moon.
—the— educated. —the—- Poor —-the – Riches
—an— educated man’ —-a– poor man.

-Basic English Speaking Class – কিভাবে বাংলা থেকে ইংরেজি শিখা শুরু করবেন – Part – 4
Bengali to English Translation – বাংলা থেকে কিভাবে ইংরেজিতে অনুবাদ করবেন –

have has had – have been has been had been কেন হয় ?

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wadud sir – All past tense Indefinite continuous perfect and perfect con tense —

wadu sir all future tense —

Do you know how to translate in English From Bengali to English? Learn daily English conversation words with meaning in Bangla with example sentences
this Basic English Speaking class – 5 will teach you how to learn English Speaking and writing in bangla.


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