How to learn English To read newspaper in Hindi ? || Learn english in hindi || learn English

How to learn English To read newspaper in Hindi ? || Learn english in hindi || learn English

Hi Everyone, in this video, I am going to teach you how to learn English by reading English Newspaper daily.Here in this video ,I going suggest FOUR STEPS to Improve Your English by Reading English Newspaper. These Four steps are given below- 1.Choose a topic that you are interested in. 2.Read English Newspaper loudly. 3.Read English News with pictures. 4.At the Beginning,do not try to understand the meaning of all the words. I hope,from this video you will learn how to Improve Your English by Reading Newspaper.Please press LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE to my channel. And let me know your Post-Watch reaction in the comment box.Have a great day to all of you..

Reading Newspaper daily will imbibe a certain sense of confidence and awareness about what is going on around you.

I would like to share with you an anecdote about myself and you could understand what I am trying to say;

I have a habit of reading newspaper every morning. I was so indolent towards reading news that whenever I used to try to read, I used to feel sleepy. Newspaper used to act as a soporific agent for me.

But when I started working, my colleagues used to have these discussion about ongoing mergers, acquisitions, sports or Indian politics, business and some breaking news that I have absolutely no idea about. I used to feel left out, rather there was a sense of self pity that I felt towards myself

I started reading news every morning. I got used to it and then it suddenly became interesting.

I was able to contribute to the discussion and moreover, there was a sense of self awareness which drives your confidence.

Reading English newspapers is highly beneficial and helpful. How? Let’s examine the advantages.

1.Think in Single Words
2.Think About Easy and Small Sentences Or Make Little, Simple but Complete Sentences in Your Head
3.Prepare Sentences for Conversation
3.Narrate Your Day
4) watch the channel every day

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आसानी से English newspaper पढ़के कैसे English सीखना है || how to learn English to read English newspaper

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