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How to Learn Tense easily – All Present Tenses in English Grammar l Bangla English speaking Class 4

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Bengali to english speaking Class 4 is the lesson of learning english speaking with tenses.

In this lesson , you will learn how to use all the present tenses like present indefinite tense, present Continuous Tense, Present Perfect tense and Present perfect Continuous tenses.

Now I would like to tell you about Tense.
What is Tense ?
well, Tense is time of verb’s action.

How many kind of Tenses ?
Present Tense l Past Tense l Future Tense

Every Tense are divided into four and I would like to discuss in this lesson about all the classifications of present Tense such as

1.Present indefinite Tense
2. Present Continuous Tense
3. Present perfect Tense
4. Present perfect Continuous Tense

What is Present Indefinite tense ?
Simple Present. … We use the simple present tense when an action is happening right now, or when it happens regularly (or unceasingly, which is why it’s sometimes called present indefinite). Depending on the person, the simple present tense is formed by using the root form or by adding ‑s or ‑es to the end
Examples of Present indefinite tense —
I learn English
He speaks English fluently
He is an Bengali to English speaking man.

What is present Continuous tense —
Present Continuous tense is a tense which shows the ongoing situation of present tense.

Examples of Present Tense —
He is speaking englsih
I am learning English
We are learning english grammar of tense

What is Present perfect Tense ?
Present perfect tense combines the present tense and the perfect aspect used to express an event that happened in the past that has present consequences.

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Examples of Present perfect Tense —
I have learnt English Speaking from Wadud sir
He has learnt the lesson of English grammar tense

What is Present Perfect Continuous Tense ?
The present perfect continuous tense (also known as the present perfect progressive tense) shows that something started in the past and is continuing at the present time. The present perfect continuous is formed using the construction has/have been + the present participle (root + -ing).

Examples of present perfect Continuous Tense —
He has been learning English Speaking for a month
I have been speaking english fluently since a long days

To speak Bengali to English Fluently with all the present indefinite, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous tense, You will have to learn not only English Grammar but also you will have to learn English knowing the meaning of all the verbs of present indefinite continuous perfect and perfect continuous tense in bangla.

To be fluent in english Speaking , you will have to practice English speaking and English writing , learning this basic english grammar of all the tenses.

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