Do you wanna sound fluent in english? Vocabulary is most easy-breezy way to sound fluent in it. It is one of the most foremost thing in any language in order to be fluent we should have to have a rich vocabulary bank. By using more words in your conversation you can convey your message in more expressive way. It adds variety in your english speaking skill as well as to make you fluent in it.

1. Start from anywhere

Start from anywhere. What does it mean? 

If you are a student start from your classroom, if you are a housewife start from your kitchen, what i am trying to say is start from anywhere.

Being a beginner you don’t need to learn advance words you have to learn those words which things you are using in your house, your classroom, your office, your gym it could be any place. 

For example- Learn kitchen appliances vocabulary, learn classroom vocabulary.

You don’t have to jump onto advance words.

Start from simple words.

2. Don’t learn so much in one go.

Pick only one word for a day and learn that meaning then you don’t have to overleap on second word, just stick to one particular word for a day after that learn atleast one synonym or one antonym of that specific  word and check how to pronounce it correctly. Repeat this cycle everyday.

3. Repetition method.

The more you speak something, The more you will get familiar with those things. Try to speak that word in your next day conversation, it will help you to memorise that word, Repeat it thrice a day, then after a week, after 3 weeks and 5 weeks. After that your brain will get a message that it is an important thing; Your brain will save that word in your long term memory and whenever you try to remind that word, Your brain will give you that.

4. Write down 

Yes, if you write down things in your notebook; it has more chances to memorise them. Just write down in your notebook, if you want to carry a notebook with you just simply, you can also add them in your smart phone’s diary. Frequently do check them out.

5. Learn pharsal_verbs, Idioms and Short Phrases.

Vocabulary is not about a single word, it can be an idiom, a pharsal_verbs and phrases. Try to learn idioms, phrasal_verbs. English native speakers use idioms and phrasal_verbs in their conversation more than just words.

Idioms is more appealing way to convey your thoughts than words. Pharsal_verbs make you more fluent than usual in your communication skill.

English is an expressive language. It has unlimited words to express your feelings and thoughts. Just embellish your speaking skill.

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