How to prepare for IELTS quickly and get a great score: Best tips and tricks. || Download IELTS Writing test 1 Vocabulary –

Do you need to take the IELTS test but there’s not much time left to prepare? In this video, I’ll tell you how you can improve your chances of getting a great score in just one week.

What tasks do you need to do and what is the best way to tackle them?
Listening – 2:25
Reading – 8:13
Writing – 13:18
Speaking – 20:18

When I was applying for my master’s programme in the UK about 6 years ago, I also had to take an IELTS test. It was not much time left to prepare but I managed to score 7.5 at the first attempt. That’s enough to study at any university programme in the UK, even at the University of Oxford. Since then, I’ve worked with many students who took IELTS and accumulated a few tips and tricks which help to score higher. Today I’m going to share all these secrets with you and I hope they will help you too.

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5-step IELTS preparation STUDY PLAN + PDF –

Full IELTS Writing Task 2 sample answer + PDF –

Full IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 sample answer + PDF –

IELTS Speaking tips and tricks –

British council practice test –

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  1. Hi guys, can I ask you a question: What do you find the MOST difficult thing in IELTS? What materials/videos/info are you LOOKING FOR but can't find?

  2. something is not natural in your voice. It is the first time for me to listen to such a strange voice & accent

  3. IELTS requires basic English skills. Whether Academic or General, both require a good grasp of pronounciations, spellings, lexical range and yes, proper punctuation as well!

    1. FIRST AND FOREMOST THING IS PRACTICE. Practice as many tests as you can, there are plenty of IELTS books available, and you could buy a few for practising the reading and listening sections, primarily.

    2. For writing, you need to be able to adhere to the word limit and the topic. Task achievement is of primary importance, which means that you need to stick to the topic and justify it, rather than beat about the bush flaunting your grammar skills when you actually make no sense at all! They ask you to analyze graphs, pie charts, bar graphs in section 1, and various kinds of argumentative essays in section 2.

    3. For speaking, always prepare notes. They ask you basic questions about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. Extremely basic questions, except for the justification round, which requires you to justify a few of your answers, basic general knowledge mostly. Practice in front of the mirror or listen to your own recordings- I myself was extremely apprehensive about speaking because I get very nervous, so try speaking in front of your parents and friends as well!

    4. Try reading the newspaper everyday, that's a good habit because you will come across new words. Look up the meanings and try using them in daily sentences!

    5. Proofread your answers, concentrate.

    6. Practice.

    If you are starting your preparation and searching for good material then please have a look to the below mentioned pdfs which I am selling:

    PDFs include :

    1 – IELTS Cambridge books ( 1-13 ) with audios

    2 – Barron – IELTS with audios.

    3 – Collins listening book for IELTS with audios.

    4 – McGrew Hill education IELTS 6 practice tests with audios

    5 – 125 IELTS essays

    6 – The official Cambridge guide to IELTS.

    7 – Improve your IELTS reading skills by Norman Whitby

    8 – Oxford IELTS master class – Students book

    9 – IELTS Vocabulary workbook.

    10 – IELTS preparation and practice – Reading and writing academic module.

    11 – 202 useful exercises for IELTS

    12 – Cambridge – Top tips for IELTS academic

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    14 – IELTS simulation tests

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    16 – Basic IELTS reading

    17 – 78 cue cards for IELTS speaking

    18 – The best preparation for IELTS listening

    19 – IELTS reading recent actual tests.

    20 – Cambridge New insight into IELTS (5 PDFs) – Reading,Writing and Speaking module.

    21 – Longman advanced learner grammar

    22 – IELTS Academic module – Target band 7

    23 – 31 High scoring formullas to answer the IELTS speaking questions.

    24 – Cambridge – Common mistakes at IELTS.

    25 – Collin grammar for IELTS.

    26 – IELTS Preparation and practice – listening and Speaking – Oxford

    27 – Academic wordlist for IELTS

    28 – IELTS complete guide to general reading.

    29 – Kaplan IELTS premier with 8 practice tests with audios

    30 – Cambridge objective IELTS

    31 – Oxford masterclass – Teachers book

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    33 – IELTS Advantage – listening and Speaking skills with audios

    34 – 15 days practice for IELTS reading with audios.

    35- 15 days practice for IELTS speaking with audios

    36 – Best practice book for IELTS writing by Dr Munan shaikh

    37 – IELTS secrets – Your kit to IELTS success.

    38 – Oxford writing tutor

    39 – Improve your IELTS writing skills

    40 – IELTS speaking actual tests and suggested answers

    41 – IELTS band 9 vocabulary secrets.

    42 – IELTS success formulla general (677 pages)

    43 – Achieve IELTS Academic writing success

    44 – Best practice book – 230 IELTS writing samples

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  4. Hello. How are you teacher ? I have a question that how many sentences should i speak in part 3 ? Is it enough 2 or 3 sentences?

  5. Im taking my IELTS tmr 🙂 pray for me people ;(

  6. Hi, I just got my FCE certificate and now I have to do the IELTS test (general). I need to get 4,5. Do you think is it possible?

  7. As you were in London on that time. It was quite easy to get band 7.5 for you. But what about us as we are not in London and we are not native speaker, and our environtment is different. Is it possible get prepare for ielts exam within one week?

  8. Hellow, thanks for sharing this precious information. I have a question/doubt: Is it posible to have a piece of paper or a sheet meanwhile you are doing the listening test if you chosed the computer based exam?

  9. Thank you very much for your help. I think your video is going to help me a lot in my upcoming preparations.

  10. but every one known about this we need the philosophy of strategy how can i set this strategy? can you send me a detel a have a bit of stress i can not take this exam. leave your recommendation more a bout how can i stopping our stress?

  11. pray for me guy please ! i am going to give test on 1feb 2020

  12. Heyy.. What are the words you said we should study even if we have few days left? Where do I download it? I couldnt find it. Please anyone who knows shall let me know.

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  15. Hi Miss, hope you’re the right to answer my questions in listening.
    If instruction says only 2 words; and following questions re like,

    1. Date of birth…………… (In Audio it say like 25th of September 1985)

    2. Address………..(audio; 85 Park Road)

    How to deal these type of questions?

    Thanks ?

  16. I wish I could get entire time schedule in a slide too. I am a learner

  17. What should I do when I made with the oldest examiner in Speaking test? Because it's very difficult to listen the pronunciation or some words.

  18. Very good ideas ,Thank yoU, Where can i find the testes to practice on ?

  19. I am really surprised when you mentioned in your youtube clip about 7 days in preparation for IELTS regarding the spelling which you said use the English spelling not the American. This drove my mind that using British English spelling is the only way to get the marks, however, American English spelling is considered wrong. This is totally not true because either spelling is considered, but switching between the two spellings is not acceptable. Therefore, the candidate has to stick to one style of the spelling.

  20. Helle, thanks a lot for this video, you can not imagine how it is helpfull for me.
    I plan to take the IELTS of february and now i try to find some usefull information to help getting a good score

  21. Hello mààm shakir from Srilanka working as a civil Estimation Engineering in Qatar..
    Nobody never know How you are the important role to my skills updating..
    I keep trying to talk like you but I'm fail several times..
    I used to listen your explanation while I'm free or my travelling time and all..
    Many things which you said is familiar with me ( means that is on my head in the original form )..
    I felt bit difficult for me to talk my perspective to others in English I would like to know How can I give a lecture / presentation without memorizing / less preparation..
    I wish to talk in English like a native as quickly as possible
    I need help from someone for an active learning.if somebody can assist me to talk in English I would prefer give..
    Wts up – +94779112349
    IMO – 30064674


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