How to REDUCE your ACCENT | Part 2 | Connected Speech & Consonant Linking

Simple pronunciation training at home: Grab some mmmEnglish imitation lessons and practise connected speech by imitating a native English speaker!

This lesson is PART 2 of a series of English lessons created to help you reduce your accent and speak naturally in English.
This is SO IMPORTANT to build your confidence speaking using English and increase your fluency. Understanding linking and connected speech in English will help you to improve your pronunciation AND your listening skills, so that you can understand fast-talking native speakers!

Note: My video lessons are created to help English learners to improve their pronunciation and speaking skills. Please note that the pronunciation of some of these words differs between English accents. I speak with an Australian English accent 🙂

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44 thoughts on “How to REDUCE your ACCENT | Part 2 | Connected Speech & Consonant Linking

  1. I told everyone who want to learn English in my class to see mm English . Many of them they said oh we love her

  2. Hi so jest talk about help line is on clear tody and pronunciation lesson day only your love life already pupils visit youtoub discussion and after line true all allowed watching is saying is really especially race ground when they should be able college experience job notification Role and pronunciation lesson so interesting people something fashion and alone enjoy can you decided rich mind reading discovered bye

  3. you are really amazing and I much appreciating your efforts to educate us . thanks a lot.

  4. Thank you very much Emma you are the better teacher of the world I love you. I think your shirt is really wonderful it's beautiful,I suppose you are going to the beach or sailing.

  5. Hi, Emma. I'd like to ask you about your age. How long have you been starting your YouTube channel?

  6. I think that connect speech is a part very important of learning English. Thank you teacher, you're excellent teacher.

  7. Hi Emma, Good morning,
    I saw you again and you are safe and healthy, iam happy to see you again 🌷🌹

  8. Hi Emma! How are you so far? Thank's for this lesson, IT has been helpping me so much. I'll see you soon!🤣😊😆

  9. Hi Emma, this is another very exciting and interesting lesson.
    I think lessons like this can break up the mystery behind the spoken English language, however these ways need a lot of practice.
    Native English teachers are always trying to simplify this language, so many thanks for your efforts.
    I think all languages around the world have these contractions and pulling words together but, they aren't taught.
    Emma, i have a question:
    When i said spoken English language, should i put a hyphen between "spoken" and "English"?

  10. Emma did you do your make up? Nicee your beautiful, maybe nextime you can do make up tutorial while speaking English of course! 😁😁😁😁

  11. Thanks so much for your english lesson, it,s very very helpful.
    I,m gonna review it again and again and again.
    Have a beautiful weekend. Greetings.

  12. Excellent lesson as usual Emma.I enjoyed it a lot .I 'll bear in mind your advice and I 'll put it into practice.

  13. ❤️ Hi Emma. Great lesson, but it not so easy to learn the reduced speech. Thanks for showing us so clearly as it sounds.

  14. OH i cant joining with you sis Emma ( when you lifestreaming) thank you so much for your lessons and you always so beautiful,, of course I like your style blouse and hair 😍

  15. Perfect Class, Emma. Thanks a lot, looking forward to the next one.
    I'm not sure about this but I think in British English (and Australian?) "wanna" is pronounced as "wɒna" …with a sort of "o" instead of "a", as American. Thanks again.

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