How to RELAX your ACCENT | Part 3 | Vowel Linking in English

This lesson will show you how to RELAX your English accent and sound more natural when you speak!
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Keep practising connected speech by imitating a native English speaker!

This lesson is PART 3 of a series of English lessons created to help you RELAX your accent and speak naturally in English. We’ll focus on vowel to vowel linking! Learning to sound more relaxed in English is SO IMPORTANT to build your confidence and increase your fluency. Understanding linking and connected speech in English will help you to improve your pronunciation AND your listening skills, so that you can understand fast-talking native speakers!

Note: My video lessons are created to help English learners to improve their pronunciation and speaking skills. Please note that the pronunciation of some of these words differs between English accents. I speak with an Australian English accent 🙂

Read the full transcript of this lesson on my blog here:

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50 thoughts on “How to RELAX your ACCENT | Part 3 | Vowel Linking in English

  1. ❤️ Hi Emma. Great lessons. I've copied all 3 parts of your videos. You have given us a real reason why is so difficult to understand the native speakers and how to practice to speak English more naturally. Thank you for that! I use your videos when nothing interesting going on the TV or halt time in footy. 😀😀

  2. Thanks emma for this lesson..this part very important to me..and right now i'm not scare to communicate with my friends..your lesson very interesting to learn.thank you so much teacher

  3. Right now I'm really sad about my accent. I'm from Laos, southeast Asia and come to study here Hungary. I speak English with my classmates and professors they quite misunderstand what I'm saying…. I am literally disappointment. What should I do…?​

  4. Hi Emma! I'm waiting for the three part of these linking lessons with impatience because I think it's really useful for us and I'm learning English with your channel with pleasure. Thanks a lot, your explanations are awesome as always. I've already understood everything and I need more practice. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Hi Emma, the last three lessons were excellent instructive for me. When I read articles in English aloud I try to sound more and more relaxed and really I can better-linking words together. Thanks a lot.

  6. Thank you so much for your lessons on connected speach, they're really interesting and helpful. Until now I've never thought (or actively noticed) about these details but they truly help speaking more natural.

  7. Hi Emma, I especially like your lessons about pronunciation and grammar. Those lessons are very clear to understand and very helpful. You are a good teacher. Thanks a lot.

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